Urgent Accounting Advice For Studios During COVID-19

FOR AUSSIE STUDIOS – Demystifying Important Govt Funding specific to our studios.


Hey guys, just in case you’d find it useful…yesterday a few other F45 owners and I asked an accountant and advisor that specialises in gyms all the questions we had regarding the stimulus measures for us, and the finer details.


His name is Jason Maher, MD of Maher Partners in Sydney


It was SUPER informative and I thought I’d share in here just in case it helps our Aussie network of studios…

[WATCH] Urgent and Vital Accounting Advice For Studios During Virus Crisis

🚨 Some of you may already know this but MONDAY 20th coming up is a BIG DAY to lodge and submit your job keeper stuff.

He explains Job Keeper details and warnings, Cash Boosts both federal and state level, what to speak to your landlord about and WHAT TO DO THIS WEEKEND to be ready for Monday!!

We’ve all got work to do this weekend to get your books and brain organised 🤯

I hope it helps – It’s a mammoth 1.5 hour video hopefully you learn at least 1 thing from it.

Have a good one.

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