Discover How You Can Use Social Media to Scale Your Studio

You can now stop making random posts in the hopes that people will like you. Start creating content that makes your followers connect with you and bring business to your studio.

The Advance Your Social Media Workshop Will Reveal 3 Things:

  1. Content That Connects. Learn the 4 types of content that get engagement from your followers and merge that with your marketing.
  2. How to Lead Your Followers to Take Action. Create desire among your followers to experience your studio’s services, and then give them a clear path to buy.
  3. The Right Social Media System. We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of implementing the ideal social media campaign for your studio.

This training will teach you the different ways to maximise your use of social media so it can help your studio get more sales. We’ll help you get it right and remove the stress of content creation so you can enjoy the process.

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