The problem with small businesses is they think like small businesses. 

It’s no different in the F45 world. The ones at the top versus the rest. It comes down to #1 thing.

The small business mindset. 

Let me break it down,

Big business mindset:

  • Know their numbers
  • Rational decisions based on data (see point 1)
  • 4 weeks annual leave
  • Decentralized roles and responsibilities
  • Constantly innovate to stay ahead of market
  • Invest in core functions including marketing, sales, accounting to drive a result in the future
  • Play the long game, have a strategy and a plan to execute it.
  • Problem? Let me find a solution. I’ll find a way. 

Small business mindset

  • I don’t have time. I’m too busy. 
  • Unsure of key metrics of the business. Didn’t have time. 
  • Never take a break. Didn’t have time. 
  • I’m doing it all myself. Don’t have time to train others or find more staff. 
  • We’ve always done it this way. This is my way. Don’t have time to innovate. 
  • Marketing? My accountant said that’s an expense. And I don’t have money to find new customers. 
  • Short term thinking, just need to get past next week. Next month. 
  • Problem? Let me complain on the F45 Champions group until it fixes itself.

Now the good news is, at any point you can decide to behave like the business you want to be. 

You just need to decide, and back yourself. 

If you don’t have the skills. Put your hand up. 

If you don’t have the circle of people. Join a mastermind. 

If you don’t have the money. Lean in more and get real about your business, where it needs help.

It’s actually in your control. You can always decide to shift your mindset. 

I’ve got nothing to sell you here, it’s just that I believe in YOU. 

And I’m sharing some of what I’ve seen from working with over 150 F45 studios, and what sets the winners apart from the rest. 

It’s nothing else, it’s all mindset. And not a small business one. 

Even if 1 person needed to hear this today, to give you a kick up the butt to go out there and make it happen, then this was worth writing. 

Big Love,


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