Make Profitability Your Studio’s New Superpower

Lockdowns are over and people are spending money. And now, the onus is on you to level up your business so you can attract and retain members in your studio. And you’ll do it through a positive culture and awesome business strategies.

This Training on the Handbrake Audit will:

  1. Show you how to make people want what you offer.
    Many people out there are looking for the right studio where they can connect with like-minded people and get fit. Discover how to make them see it’s your studio they’re looking for.


  2. Assess your marketing.
    We’re going to break apart every section of your marketing funnel to find out what is letting you down, aka the handbrake that’s stopping your studio’s growth.


  3. Help you identify and implement the right strategy.
    Once you know where you are on the map to your goal, then you can chart the course to profitability in your studio.

This training will help you uncover your studio’s blind spots and poorly performing areas. That way, you can release the handbrake on your studio’s growth and watch it speed its way to profitability.

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