The 28 Day Movement Builder

36 content ideas to build your movement.
As created by our top studio owners, to harness the cool sh*t you're already doing and make results more obvious.

The Movement Builder Content Planner does Three things:

1. Leverages the cool sh*t you’re already doing. The market is BEGGING for a leader. It’s time for you to show it how remarkable you are, and what sets you apart from the 7 new ski ergs that just turned up down the road.

2. Builds your movement. What’s your secret sauce? What makes you essential to your members lifestyles and budgets? Get that out there. This will attract more of your ideal avatar to your pages.

3. Empowers your team to engineer awesome events, results and moments in order to capture it, and tick off each of the 28 days. Then you can boost this so your entire local community sees it.

Take 28 of the ideas from the content list, or come up with your own. List them out on the calendar, capture it, post it, promote it. Enjoy higher quality organic leads for $0.

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