The #1 secret to getting your leads to pickup.

Here’s a crucial reminder that we all need to hear.

You’re getting leads. 

Within KPI, and most of them supply accurate contact information. 

You try. But they don’t pickup. You waste time. You waste leads. You waste opportunity and, ultimately, cashflow. 

So, you assume you need more ‘quality leads’.

You might be right, but only if you’ve mastered the #1 secret to getting your leads to pickup.

In this video, Tony and Jake from F45 Coburg Road, Oregon, USA gave an absolute MASTERCLASS in HOW they..

.. Have sold 55 kickstarts in January even while they’re..

…In lockdown

…studio is closed

…doing bootcamps under a tent outside the studio

…with some of the strictest states in all of USA.



Well, as Tony Core puts it, he’s been in sales for over 20 years, and the secret is really good, structured follow ups and realising that it takes 10-12 contacts before a sale. 

So if you’ve only tried a couple of times before claiming they’re a dud lead, keep going until they’ve told you to stop. 

Watch the video, take notes, and have a fair assessment on where your follow up game can improve.

  • Maybe you need to restructure who does the calls to ensure leads are called within the first 5 mins?
  • Maybe you have too many people doing it, so leads get lost between your team?
  • Are you REALLY following the script? Honestly. 
  • Are you using texting effectively? Are you trying different things?
  • Are you REALLY following up past the 10-12 contact mark, or stopping at 2-3?
  • Do you have the urgency towards these leads as Tony and Jake do?
  • Are you booking appointments, confirming them, and showing up to them?
  • Are you performing really good, structured, follow ups?

Get it right, and I’m sure the results will delight you. You’ll have more members at the end of the year than any of your competitors. 

Geronimo clients – If you’d like us to review your sales conversations, just send us a recording in your slack channels, and we’ll have one of our sales consultants review it for you. 

Doza “get your follow ups right” from Geronimo.


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