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Welcome and congratulations.

You don’t know it yet … but your studio and your life is about to change - big time.

If you’re reading this message, it means you’ve been invited to join us as a guest. Lucky you 🙂 But that also means you might feel that this is just like any other fitness studio growth program out there. Or, that it might be light on value, content and most important, outcome.

It isn’t.

What you’ve been invited to is one of our quarterly PAID programs that other studios like yourself have invested good, hard money to be a part of. You're invited because you own the kind of studio that we get the best results for. And you’re invited because my team tells me you’re the kind of studio owner with the greatest potential for growth.

In other words - you’re meant to be with us during this summit 🙂

And so, our thinking is simple: you come and join us as a full paying client (but, obviously, you’re not paying anything). You get to experience everything first hand. You get to enjoy the impact that our training program will have on your studio. And if you want more just let us know and we can chat about you being part of our community. But not until you’ve experienced first hand - at our cost - what we can bring to the table.

Fair enough?

What You Can Expect During The Summit

Make Q4 Your Biggest Yet

We’re heading into summer so this is the time to crush it. That’s why we’re going to plan out Q4 so you finish off the year with a bang. During our time together everyone is going to bust out in breakout rooms and get clear on their goals… opportunities and bottlenecks. And from there you’ll walk away with the top 2-5 things to focus on for YOUR studio for October, November and December. Coming into the New Year I want you to be enjoying record breaking profits.

Market Domination

Facebook Ads: We’re bringing in my personal Facebook media buyer and he’s going to show you how to dominate your market using Facebook ads. And how to do so with a tiny budget – as little as $10 per day. 

Sales: We’re going to drill into sales processes and scripts so you (or your team) close more people into full paying members. 

Profits: We’re going to be identifying where your gaps are right now… we’ll chuck ROI numbers and plan your strategy so there’s more profit driven to your bottom line.

Growth Secrets Revealed

We’re going to be showcasing and going deep into a case study studio that doubled their profits and halved their work time. Plus, they’ve gotten their team more in flow so they’re performing better than ever. These guys are a great example of what a studio owner is really capable of.

Rich Studio, Poor Studio

After working with so many studios all these years – plus after the success of my own studio – I’ve noticed a clear trend unfold. It’s the difference between the studios that crush it and those that fail miserably. 

During the summit I’m going to show you what I’ve discovered about the differences. And then I’m going to get you to rank yourself against these characteristics. Result: we’ll be able to predict if your studio is going to flourish or die. 

Bullet Proof Your Studio

How does your studio become essential in a turbulent market and with lots of new competitors setting up shop? How do you deal with people holding onto their cash as inflation keeps rising? 

Well, that’s what we’re going to start building with you during the summit. We’re going to cover Leadership secrets that’ll motivate your team. We’ll explore operational systems such as team meeting cadence so together you’re all winning more weeks. And we’ll cover up to 52 ideas to help the team get into flow more often. So they close more deals… so members stick and so competitors don’t stand a chance. 

If you still haven't received your September Summit Guest Pass, click the link below to download it.

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