Thank you !

Well done for submitting your numbers, you’re one step closer to Staying Above the Line. And thats where the studios with the best results live.

While we are reviewing your numbers, you can self diagnose using our Momentum Scorecard below. 

These metrics help to highlight where your strengths are and to diagnose what needs attention to keep your studio growing.


1 week of Red numbers is a blip, so don’t panic.

2 weeks, we’re starting to see a trend, so have a think about what your gaps are and where you need help.

IF you are in Red - You need to address this leak based on the training we have.
If you're stuck with this join the weekly Allstar Huddle every Tuesday 8:30am SYD time, 10:30AM NZ time, which is Monday evening PDT 3:30 PM // CDT, 5:30 PM // EDT 6:30 PM.
Or if it's something more sensitive you need more help with, email with some context to access a 1:1 tune up with one of the Geronimo coaches.

IF you are in Orange - It might just require a few implementation tweaks.
Join the Allstar huddles.

IF you are in Green - Well done. You're doing it! Keep going, prove it wasn't a fluke 😉 And if you want to go faster, just let us know and we'll extend you.

IF you are in Super Power - FUCK YEAH! Now focus on another metric.

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