[REVEALED] Top 10 Things We’ve Learnt Making Sales During Lockdown (vs Pre-Lockdown)


People are still buying. The majority of people we get to present to are being closed easier. They seem to be in the ‘action’ mindset.

Price is generally not a hurdle, never has been (if you’re stuck in a price conversation, you’re in the wrong conversation).

Ones that don’t answer over 3 days generally respond once I send them the cost so I am giving out cost a little earlier than normal, and they show interest (it used to be after 5-7 days of no answer).

Even though people are working from home, we feel the best times to call prospects hasn’t changed.

This phrase works well and hits the mark “there will be 2 types of people after lockdown. Those who can’t wait to get out & about & back to the office as they are looking & feeling great! & then those who are dreading getting out & about & back to work as they haven’t done anything about their health & fitness in lockdown”

Don’t talk about Coronavirus as such, stick to their need as usual and the problem you need to solve. Don’t end up at Pluto or Uranus or off track from a clear conversation.

We believe in the offer & cost immensely & go into each call with extreme certainty & confidence

Volume is still king. When running dry, we send out mass emails & ‘released new intake’ texts. The more you send = the more that come back

As usual, the FOCUS is on the need and the problem we need to solve for them, less about the specifics of the studio offering

After no response from a lead over 4-5 days, leave for 7 days, then try again. More people need more time to warm up. But the fortune is STILL in the follow up.


Reach out to me if you’re hitting a brick wall with sales, or if you find yourself saying “no one is picking up”… 

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