How Ed Sheeran’s 1200th song helps us make more sales

I couldn’t believe this. 

Ed Sheeran was told he would never make it.

His songs were no good and his singing was deemed “nothing special.”

So Ed Sheeran decided he would write 1 new song everyday… and everyday he would perform that new song (as well as a handful of others) to any audience he could find.

So he wrote.

And he performed.


At coffee shops, at train stations, at strip clubs even.

And he was still no good.

But he was getting a little bit better!

He didn’t freak out that none of his songs were gaining “traction”

That he wasn’t a grammy winner yet.

He didn’t freak out that he was living dollar to dollar.. just trying to survive.

He knew what he wanted..

and he was prepared to sacrifice for as long as necessary to make his dreams a reality…

As each month passed…

..the 30 new songs he’d wrote each day were slightly better than the previous months’ 30…

Until one day he wrote “The A Team”

Which took off and made him an “overnight” success.


Do you want to know the craziest thing?

His later song… “Thinking out loud” was something like song number 1200 in his daily song writing ritual…


Nearly 4 years after choosing to write a new song daily…

He wrote his best one in 15 minutes…

And now it’s one of the most played songs in HISTORY…

2,965,336,109 views and counting!

(yep thats 2 billion + 965 million + 336 thousand + 109 views)


Anytime i try something new or to get better at something I know i need to get better at but I suck…I just remember that it took Ed THOUSANDS of songs to get to the point where he could even write ONE that “took off”

And now i realise… the more failed attempts i create…

…the closer i am…

to having the ability to create my “thinking out loud in 15 minutes” equivalent.

So complaining that our first few sales calls didn’t “take off” and i still don’t have a 6-pack is really quite laughable in the scheme of things.

If we’re not willing to work, to suck, to practice or to fail over and over again…

…we will 100% lose to the Ed Sheeran’s of the world.

Just something to think about. Now get on the phones and start selling!

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