Get Your Whole Team to Focus On the Growth of Your Studio

It’s time to take the burden of sales and customer care off your shoulders. Your trainers already have a strong connection with your clients. Get them to leverage it and boost your sales!

This Training on the Culture of Selling Will Reveal 3 Things:

  1. How to Get Your Trainers to Sell.
    The most common excuse from trainers is that they don’t know how to sell. Today, you’ll find out how to train them to become salespeople, too – minus the sales resistance.
  2. How to Motivate Your Trainers to Build Your Studio.
    Find out the key that will make your trainers want to get new members and keep current clients satisfied.
  3. Build your Community.
    Discover how trainers can be a central part of the community of your studio. It will build the vibe and enjoyment of your studio like nothing else.

This training will teach you ways to realise the selling potential of ALL your staff. Get set for a massive change in your team and your studio’s growth!

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