The Step 2 form contains in depth questions to know the prospect better. And sometimes, Step 1 form is filled out by the prospect but not the Step 2 form or vice versa. To ensure that you can track them properly, it is best that you are able to receive notifications for both forms.

Sometimes this happens, which is why we LOVE when studios provide feedback loops straight to their marketers in Slack. Just let us know what the leads are saying so we can tweak your campaign.



To be honest, it doesnt really matter about the price, its more about what they get for it. We have done $132 for 21 Days before or $99 even. If you have a scanner or something you can chuck in to bump up the value you could do that. Either way just get some runs on the board and if you need to fine tune the price after you can.



Here is a link to a doc with a few of our newsletters as an example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EpNXohJlWSiuRn9p-tN8xfwQGhTsdIMACiIkQvmN1TU/edit?usp=sharing
We send this to all members every week on Tuesday morning. It is added to during the week, finalised on Monday and scheduled.

The structure is generally:
– Mini intro to summarise the week prior
– A quote/words of wisdom
– Photos taken during the week
– What’s happening: EG challenges, events, etc.
– Approaching Allstars (Who is creeping up on their next milestone?)
– What they should know: EG COVID protocols, any class changes, booking window changes, etc.
– Weekly wins: Members PB’s, or achievements (not just in the gym, eg highlight members becoming parents, getting married, graduating, etc)
– Hot tip for the week: EG recovery, nutrition, etc.



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Yes! Just send us their email in slack and tag @micah to set up

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