Champion Teams Do Champion Things

Our Culture Code is what gives GERONIMO the best chance of continued success despite how the market evolves, or how the problems we need to solve evolves. 

Continued success = continued growth in revenue, profits, reputation and our people.

It’s our lighthouse to guide how we operate, who we hire, who we promote, the partners we choose and even the clients we accept.

Our Culture Code propels rapid innovation, adaptability and excellent execution by high performing team mates you respect and enjoy spending time with. 

And because we’re a growing company that is challenges the ‘normal’, we need a culture code that avoids the typical politics, mediocrity, and complacency that infects most companies and limits their potential both in performance and in their people within. 

This is a work in progress, and is a living piece.

Our core philosophy is having amazing people working together as a dream team, united by our mantra: To Be The Most Helpful. 

There are 3 main aspects to Geronimo’s Culture Code. 

Our Vision

Our view of the world and why we exist and the big problems we’re going to solve.

our values

The skills, behaviours and intention we value in our fellow employees and partners.

our principles

Our Three unconventional guidelines that will ensure continued success for us and our clients.

When our people live this code, they enjoy more responsibility, reputation and remuneration.

Our Vision

They say if you give the man a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. What if they don’t have the time to fish, don’t want to fish, and just isn’t their core necessary skill?  Does that mean they don’t deserve to ever feel satisfied or fulfilled?

We’re setting out to create a 3rd model.

In the fitness and wellness space, there are a lot of good people out there that are phenomenal coaches and want to follow their dreams of doing this for the rest of their life. That’s why they’re on this earth. This is their gift to the world. But the problem is, they’re not phenomenal business people. And so their businesses struggle, it sucks the joy out of their life, and worse, they spend their time thinking they’re no good at it.

Until now.

That’s why GERONIMO exists.

We’re here to be the leading service helping studio owners who can now focus on what they enjoy and are good at, and STILL have a booming business.

Geronimo has a dual reason for existing: to be the most helpful company for owners of boutique studios to grow a successful business and focus on what they love to do. If we succeed, this creates more joy, pride and freedom for the owners as well as a healthier society as we re-introduce hundreds of thousands of people into fitness and wellness.

How will be the most helpful? 

By solving the most problems that are deeply intimate and valuable to solve for fellow studio owners. And we know this because we are studio owners and ‘get it’. This will be our unfair advantage in a competitor landscape of solopreneurs or social media agencies who only solve symptoms, not problems. And have never had a studio before. They’ll never truly understand, and therefore will never be able to be the most helpful.

We’re going to GROW every single studio, owner and staff that comes into contact with Geronimo. 

We’re going to create freedom and success for hundreds of studio owners who can now focus on what they enjoy and are good at, and STILL have a booming business. 

We’re going to prove that there is a 3rd model.

Imagine if Geronimo is responsible for introducing 1 million people into wellness??

culture code



This is a central mission for our clients and also for our people. We value growth mindsets, those with a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. We use feedback loops as our currency for growth, whether it be positive or something to improve. If our people grow and be the best they can be, then Geronimo will be the best we can be, and we can make an even grater impact.


We have a flat structure, anyone can speak up if they see a better way. Innovation can come from anyone. Take smart risks, try new things, do what was thought impossible or never done before. The opposite of "because we've always done it this way" thinking. You have full permission to help us shape the way we do things.


Research shows Grit is the biggest driver of achievement and success, independent of and beyond what talent and intelligence contribute. Without grit and perseverance, talent may be nothing more than unmet potential. You are a finisher, even if things get boring. Doing 1 more rep, getting 1% better everyday.


You seek what is best for Geronimo and our clients, rather than only what’s best for yourself. You are ego-less when searching for the best ideas. You make time to help colleagues and contribute without expectation of return, you share information openly and proactively.

Our Principles

Imagine if every person at Geronimo is someone you respect, admire and learn from. We’re more like a professional sports team. We’re not a ‘family’ or a social weekend sports team. We will hire, develop and cut smartly so we have stars in every position and uphold our pro standards.

Our people are in competition with our equivalents in our opponents team, not each other. So internal cutthroat, sink or swim or ‘keep this IP to myself’ bevaiour is against the spirit of Geronimo’s principles and will not be tolerated.

“Hard work” isn’t as relevant as consistent performance. We don’t measure people by how many hours they work, or a level of suffering. We do care about accomplishing remarkable work. Sustained C level performance despite A level effort isn’t admired. However, A level performance despite minimal effort and always acting within our culture code is the holy grail and will be rewarded.

We know this is working when it’s not right for everybody.

  • Those who thrive on excellence will love our culture, stay a long time and enjoy mutual warmth, respect and do very well
  • Those who value job security, comfort and stability despite performance, will not enjoy and won’t last long. 
  • We don’t get it perfect every time, but we are getting better at hiring the former and letting the latter know very quickly that this isn’t right for them

Our model is to increase employee freedom as we grow rather than limit it. This will continue to attract and nurture innovative people, so we have a competitive advantage and a better chance at sustained success.

Freedom is reward for the ‘responsible person’ who is:

  • Self motivated
  • Self aware
  • Self disciplined
  • Self improving
  • Acts like a leader
  • Doesn’t wait to be told what to do
  • Picks up the rubbish lying on the floor, doesn’t just walk past it
  • Sets the standard, even if no-one is looking
  • Never feels “that’s not my job” or outside my job description
  • Behaves like an owner

Responsible people THRIVE on freedom , and are WORTHY of freedom

This create a workplace rich in achievements, creativity, self-discipline, freedom, fulfilment and responsibility.

Ducks quack, Eagles soar.

Geronimo will always favour Eagles over Ducks.

Eagles thrive on excellence and ownership. While Ducks blame, give excuses, play the victim or are in denial.

Eagles are allergic to average, ask for feedback and always looking to improve by 1% everyday. Ducks can’t handle constructive feedback, aren’t coachable, happy with OK.

Eagles put their hand up, Ducks have their hand out. 

When we get hit with an obstacle, Eagles care about quickly shifting, adapting and still focussed on getting the best result. Ducks spend time arguing about whose fault it is. 

Most companies don’t grow because it’s hard to soar effortlessly at high altitudes like Eagles do if you’re surrounded by ducks.

Company driven development doesn’t work. 

We develop people by giving them the opportunity to develop themselves, by surrounding them with stunning colleagues and giving them big challenges to work on. Mediocre colleagues or unchallenging work is what kills progress of a persons skills and development.

We want people who manage their own career growth, and not rely on a company to plan it for them. Your economic security is based on your skills and reputation. Not entitlement or time.

We can’t wait to see you advance. The 3 necessary conditions for promotions to occur:

  1. Is there a job big enough or required for that promotion?
  2. The person has to be a superstar in current role
  3. The person is an extraordinary role model of our culture and values

We keep improving culture as we grow. And we try to get better at seeking and identifying the eagles and the ducks.

We're thrilled you're with us.
Now it's your time to shine.

What our people really enjoy about working at Geronimo is the fact that your input doesn’t end with just the business owner being happy, but also the mental and physical improvements of everyday people which then has flow on effects to their family, friends, colleagues, community and so on.

This is our current best thinking, and will refine as we grow and learn.

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