Converting Members In Lockdown: What’s Working Well Right NOW.

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One on one inductions much better for connection/depth of conversation and relationship building

Nurture/contact EVERYDAY is required rather than every few days (video messaging is best)

Welcome email to include calendly link, and info to be in FB group + have F45 app downloaded before induction

Walk through their house with them to ensure they are set up to train online/best set up so there are NO roadblocks

My Studio Captains have been writing their notes in the following format, and emailing them after the induction to consolidate and hype them up, plus ensure they adhere to what we spoke about/any suggested apps like the challenge app/MFP etc:

  • GOAL:
  • WHY:
  • Training
  • Steps
  • Nutrition
  • Next formal zoom check in date and time:

Again, that’s the top 5 which should get you going…but if you’d like to get the rest, reach out to me

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