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The #1 thing top studios realise that has the power to lift every success metric.


The #1 thing top studios realise that has the power to lift every success metric.

Yesterday I caught up with Jess the legend from F45 Wooolllooommmoooollloooooooo, one of the world’s TOP F45 studios. We check in on each other as we have done since pre shutdown, swapping notes, bounce strategies and yesterday was giving our brains a chance to take a break.

We’ve both been running HARD and FAST embracing this situation as best we can…I’ll get to the main points we spoke about in a later post, but for now the thing that struck me that was so obvious to us was the core principle we both shared that has helped us navigate through this situation with clarity, and kept our teams and member community spirit high.

And it seems to be the #1 thing that most other studios seem to forget. And that is…

What business are we actually in?

Because it’s not the fitness business.

Well, if you want to believe that then let’s take that a bit further. If we are just a fitness business, then it means you’re basically selling a workout. And if that’s all it is, people could’ve done cheaper group workouts this whole time for 1/10 of the price. And whilst those of us in the F45 world have an outstanding product I believe in, it may be what bought people to our studios, but it’s not why they stay.

PLUS, if it was just a workout, it’s easier to price match. Conversions are low (or industry ‘benchmark’, which is low in my opinion), and engagement from your team and members is probably lower than it could be.

So here’s the secret:

We’re in the relationships and accountability business. We just happen to run fitness classes.

Read that again, and think about it.

What would you do differently now?

Ever heard of a company called Zappos? They’re a massive online shoe store mainly in the US with revenues in excess of $1 billion annually, and in 2009 Amazon acquired Zappos for around $1 billion.

Hang on, so what does shoes have to do with our gyms?

Well, if you hear anything about Zappos from a Zappos customer, chances are it will be positive. There are dozens of stories about their outstanding customer service, including delivering flowers to a customer whose mom passed away and talking to a customer for over 8 hours (a record that now has been broken).

It should come as no surprise that 75% of Zappos orders are from repeat customers.

The founder, Tony Hsieh hopes that, down the road, people won’t even realize that Zappos started by selling shoes. They want to be known and remembered as the best customer service and customer experience company.

Their culture is built on a central tenant:

“It’s not about shoes. Zappos is a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes.” -Tony Hsieh

Boom. I love that.

I’m telling you, your studio can be so much more powerful if you focus on the relationships and accountability you can provide your members. Go further and deeper into that then you’ve ever done and I promise you good things will happen:

  • Stronger culture and mantra amongst your team
  • Which flows into a stronger community
  • Higher member and staff retention
  • Stronger leadership from YOU, and clarity to navigate strategies and decision making
  • Conversions will sky rocket
  • And you’ll do less shit no one cares about (because it doesn’t matter for the business you’re actually in)

Take it, run with it, think about it, if you need a hand to build this into your team or to get your head around it, shoot me an email

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This 4 letter word will threaten your business more than the virus, are you using it?


This 4 letter word will threaten your business more than the virus, are you using it?

I’ve been speaking to a lot of studios since the lockdown started 5 weeks ago. Its been stunning to see the differences in how owners have chosen to respond. 

How they’ve chosen to lead. The decisions they’re making. 

Alarmingly, when I ask some studios what their strategy is over the next 3-6 months, their answer is to “hold” until this is all over and where back in the studio…


That word honestly scares the shit out of me. 

Way more than the virus itself. 


Because if that is your strategy, you may as well change hold to another 4 letter word that starts with H.


Because you’re hoping no one leaves. You’re hoping there’s enough organic wins that offset the cancels. Are you even tracking your churn rate at the moment?

And what about winter, it’s coming you know? How does your studio normally go in winter? Have you overlaid your historic churn trend over your forecast? Wait, have you done a forecast?

And what about the novelty of these workouts, or the sentiment to support. Will that carry you through the next 3-6 months? Will it wear off at all? 

And what about your competitors? The market’s actually never been so competitive due to everyone going online and now no boundaries. Bricks and mortar studios who normally serve people within 15 minutes of their front door now have an international member base zooming in for workouts every day. 

My point is there is no such thing as hold. 

You’re either going up, or down. 

There is no hold. And even if you think you’re holding, the market and the competitors are moving past you. 

I’ve been watching the Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix, the last dance. He was my idol growing up, one of my daughters’ middle name is Jordan. I’ve even studied Tim Grover’s book Relentless, he was Jordan’s personal trainer and mentor throughout his championships. 

Jordan was a winner. He was such a competitor. Down to the last second. Even when they weren’t supposed to make the playoffs, just give Jordan the ball. He’d score 63 points. 

He came to a failing franchise, the Chicago Bulls, and with his determination, his edge, his never say ‘HOLD’ mentality, he turned that entire CITY around and won them 5 championships. 

Not only that, his team mates also became superstars, Olympic champions, hall of famers (soon) and all achieved legendary status. 

Do you think he ever got into the lead in a game, the most important game of the season…

Call a time out…

Gather the team around..

And say, we’re just going to ‘HOLD’…

Legends don’t hold. Hall of famers don’t hold. 

No way. 


Otherwise, Hold = Hope. And Hope never is, and never has been, a winning strategy.

I also want to say, I know in this time pain is inevitable. But suffering is optional.

The market is still buying. The overwhelming majority of the market are still employed. Facebook ads are on special. People are home to take sales phone calls. You need to find a way, in this climate, to still grow.

Start with your suspended member list. Smile and dial.

Then your win backs, starting with legend members who had to cancel due to moving etc. Now they can train with you again.

Corporate sessions for workplaces that are now remote and going bonkers.

Work on your offering, what are you close competitors not doing, where are the gaps?

Identify the new problems that you need to solve for your ideal member, and craft an offer for them that gets their attention

Get the leads, and follow up that lead like your life depends on it. Not the “I called them once and they didn’t pickup, they must be a shit lead”. Make sure you have a script.

Then when you sell them, wow the pants off them so 60%+ of them convert.

If you’re getting 20-30%, you’ve got a leak. And I bet my Michael Jordan jersey it’s either with your people, your processes or your product offering and experience.

All is fixable, and you can still grow even in lockdown.

Let me know when you’re ready to charge. 


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[REVEALED] Top 10 Things We’ve Learnt Making Sales During Lockdown (vs Pre-Lockdown)


[REVEALED] Top 10 Things We’ve Learnt Making Sales During Lockdown (vs Pre-Lockdown)


People are still buying. The majority of people we get to present to are being closed easier. They seem to be in the ‘action’ mindset.

Price is generally not a hurdle, never has been (if you’re stuck in a price conversation, you’re in the wrong conversation).

Ones that don’t answer over 3 days generally respond once I send them the cost so I am giving out cost a little earlier than normal, and they show interest (it used to be after 5-7 days of no answer).

Even though people are working from home, we feel the best times to call prospects hasn’t changed.

This phrase works well and hits the mark “there will be 2 types of people after lockdown. Those who can’t wait to get out & about & back to the office as they are looking & feeling great! & then those who are dreading getting out & about & back to work as they haven’t done anything about their health & fitness in lockdown”

Don’t talk about Coronavirus as such, stick to their need as usual and the problem you need to solve. Don’t end up at Pluto or Uranus or off track from a clear conversation.

We believe in the offer & cost immensely & go into each call with extreme certainty & confidence

Volume is still king. When running dry, we send out mass emails & ‘released new intake’ texts. The more you send = the more that come back

As usual, the FOCUS is on the need and the problem we need to solve for them, less about the specifics of the studio offering

After no response from a lead over 4-5 days, leave for 7 days, then try again. More people need more time to warm up. But the fortune is STILL in the follow up.


Reach out to me if you’re hitting a brick wall with sales, or if you find yourself saying “no one is picking up”… 

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Converting Members In Lockdown: What’s Working Well Right NOW.


Converting Members In Lockdown: What’s Working Well Right NOW.


One on one inductions much better for connection/depth of conversation and relationship building

Nurture/contact EVERYDAY is required rather than every few days (video messaging is best)

Welcome email to include calendly link, and info to be in FB group + have F45 app downloaded before induction

Walk through their house with them to ensure they are set up to train online/best set up so there are NO roadblocks

My Studio Captains have been writing their notes in the following format, and emailing them after the induction to consolidate and hype them up, plus ensure they adhere to what we spoke about/any suggested apps like the challenge app/MFP etc:

  • GOAL:
  • WHY:
  • Training
  • Steps
  • Nutrition
  • Next formal zoom check in date and time:

Again, that’s the top 5 which should get you going…but if you’d like to get the rest, reach out to me

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4 Ways To Still GROW, Even In A Pandemic.


4 Ways To still GROW, Even In A Pandemic.

I’ve got a relevant story, and a warning here. 

First, the story…

I was speaking to my mate, OJ, who is an economist for a big bank.

He calls me often to get the word on the street from a small business owner…

And I call him, to see what big, macro things are coming down the pipe that I should be aware of. 

And what he told me floored me!

And it has massive implications for Studio Owners. 

He asked me how business was, and I mentioned that, bizarrely, we were breaking every record we had. Revenue. Profit. Member growth. 


Grab our FREE GROWTH TOOL – Easy Social Media Planner here


I mean, our cost per leads are halved, and we are up net 157 + 144 for my 2 studios so far since coming out of lockdown. I can show you the dashboard and MBO. 

These rates of growth I’ve never seen before. And I’ve been in the network since 2014.

Despite the pandemic. 

And he said – yep makes total sense.



We’re in a recession, and people are still ok to pay $66/77 a week.

So here’s the deal. 

I’m probably going to butcher these numbers, but you get my drift…

  • There’s been $47B pulled out of SUPER in Australia
  • The 2019 international leisure sector was $45B, double it to include the business sector. Call in $90B because we can’t travel.
  • The Aussie govt has pumped over $100B into the economy so far, some of it will continue
  • And nearly every service provider, landlord etc has passed on relief pricing/rates.
  • Basically, there’s way over $200B in circulation in Australia. 

With nowhere to travel. 

Lower transport costs.

We’re not really going out and having big parties…

So people are spending it on…THEMSELVES to make them feel better (mood boosting) and their THINGS (renovations and homewares sector is booming).

So as long as you play your cards right, there are still WINS TO BE MADE. 

IT’s NOT THE MARKET – IT’s how YOU/WE react to it. 

NOW here’s the warning. 


In order to navigate these choppy waters, you still need the right strategy. 

And it can’t be HOPE. HOPE is NOT a strategy. 

You’re not going to WIN and capitalise on this rare time, unless you have a SYSTEM that is repeatable, profitable and working. 

Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in the Bermuda triangle of studio death.


Problem #1 – You’ve still got a leads problem, you’re still attracting trialers, not members

Problem #2 – If you’ve still got a sales problem, you’re not converting at more than 30% of all leads to a HIGH VALUE PAID intro offer

Problem #3 – If you STILL don’t have a weekly, daily system to achieve RECORD levels of member engagement or 95% MoM retention 

Problem #4 – If you’re STILL not tracking your MOST IMPORTANT VITAL STATS every single week, or don’t know how to


And you might think you’ve got these under control, but if I was to ask your team – would they agree that it’s crystal clear?

If you’ve got any of the above 4 problems, you want to get aggressive in this market, you’re OPEN to trying things in a different way, then then BOOK A 30 MIN DEMO with me on how we can do this for you. 



1. We Find You The Right Leads

With our pays-for-itself marketing campaigns that attracts members, not trialers.

2. We Sell The Membership For You

With our done for you sales service. No more trying to get your trainer to be the next wolf of wall street. They don’t want to do it.

3. We drive record member engagement and retention

Using our PROVEN team training modules, ready to use templates, magic automations, scripts, protocols and processes that have grown TOP studios around the world.

4. And we’ll measure EVERYTHING, every week

To make sure you’re growing every week, and get into FLOW, or we find out why you’re not. Because the faster you flow, the faster you grow and the faster we help 1,000,000 people <=== which is our B I G 10 year mission. 



Flow is you sitting back knowing the leads are coming in, sales are being made, your studio is growing and so is your bank account.

You’re incredibly proud of your business, it’s finally working! You’re happy and your accountant is happy too.

You will also be part of the GERONIMO community for support and learnings from other fitness business owners.

It’s helped studios in 40 different markets GROW coming out of Lockdown, and in todays climate. 

One of our Masterclasses with these legend Studio Owners we work with. See if you recognise some wonderful faces!

Australia, NZ, USA, CANADA…

If you’re a ‘busy’ studio owner looking to grow, but don’t have the TIME, the internal TALENT or just want it TAKEN CARE OF while you get some lifestyle back.

If you want to GROW, JOIN GERONIMO. 

Book in a 30 min DEMO here, and see if you qualify for 50% off your first month with us. 

BOOK A 30 MIN DEMO here to see how we’d get your next 50 members. 

Chat soon


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How To Make Sales Even In Lockdown


SALES TRAINING: How To Make Sales Even In Lockdown


In this training we go through everything you need to know to start making sales from inbound leads. Actually, from any leads. There’s a process to follow if you want repeatable results.
The first step is to turn your trickle of leads into a raging river of high quality leads. Then, you need to know what to do with them. Have a watch, if you have any questions, shoot me an email

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