Doing Your Numbers In 5 Mins

In-depth tutorial for MINDBODY users

In-depth tutorial for GLOFOX users


studio metrics Template

You can use this STUDIO METRICS TEMPLATE to help you track your numbers.

Friday to Friday

This happens on a Friday to Friday cycle now. So, the only change here is how you calculate your Weekly Attendance. You do it the same way, except:
•  Run the numbers after your last Friday class.
•  Scroll to the bottom, grab the green number (# Signed In). This will show you so far this week (Monday to Friday)
•  Go back a week, and add up the Sat and Sun number of Signed In. To give you the total Friday to Friday number.

Paid Lead Numbers no longer in Dashboard

Every Friday morning we will supply you with your Paid Lead number in your slack channel. We won’t be updating your Dashboard in Google Sheets anymore, this process supersedes that. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, good, you don’t need to and you must be new(ish) – WELCOME 

What is the best way to track leads from FB, CRM and my own?

Keep them all in one place. The leads in your CRM are FB leads.

If you collect organic leads or have positive parachute responses, these should go in the CRM also.

Each week on a Friday morning, your marketer will send you your paid lead # in SLACK for Friday – Friday. You need to then add these with your organic leads generated from the same week, which you will track as you go. This gives us an idea of what you’re doing at the studio to generate your own leads.

Ideally, organic and paid leads should be almost 50/50.

This is how to add fresh leads into the CRM:

 1. On the opportunities tab press the Green +New button next to the search bar.
2. Add in the Contact name, email and phone number for the contact info
3. Add in the Opportunity name (contact name)
4. Select Pipeline – Studio Pipeline
5. Select Stage – 1-3 days
6. Select Status – Open
7. Owner – Assigned it to yourself

What is a ‘rollover’ ?

A rollover = how many newbies (kickstarters) rollover into a membership as %.

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